Each week, our colleague Maria Franzoni invites one of our keynote speakers to discuss their life, work, current projects and passions .We hope that hearing more about them will allow you to get a better understanding of who they are.

Maria’s guest this week is a business Psychologist and Humourologist who packs a punchline.In the world of elite speakers, how many people have a background as a performer, comedian, TV psychologist, pop star and business guru? Not many!
Having had considerable success in all those areas, her guest is now the host of the award-winning Humourology Podcast where he interviews a glittering line-up of guests from the worlds of business, sport, politics and entertainment. His mission is to show leaders how to drive the success of their business through the scientific application of humour.

Please welcome Paul Boross


Paul Boross Keynote Speaker

Paul Boross – Guest

Paul Boross is an inspirational business psychologist and humourologist who packs a punchline. Paul has refined the art of making corporate audiences laugh while they learn, communicating the most vital messages at an emotional level that stays with people, long after the event comes to a close. Drawing on a career that has taken him from primetime TV, music and stand-up comedy to business, consultancy and motivational psychology, he trains celebrities and executives in the art and craft of communication.

Maria Franzoni Keynote Speaker

Maria Franzoni – Host

Maria Franzoni is one of the most experienced speaker bookers in Europe and a recognised speaking industry expert. She has been a part of the London Speaker Bureau since 2000 & is the founder of MFL, a licensed office of London Speaker Bureau.

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