Each week, our colleague Maria Franzoni invites one of our keynote speakers to discuss their life, work, current projects and passions .We hope that hearing more about them will allow you to get a better understanding of who they are.

Maria’s guest this week is an Innovation Expert, he is the creator of the Innovators Tool, the first engaging Innovation app that guides users to spot ideas worth pursuing and transform them into successful innovations. He is the Founder of the leading consultancy firm, Innovators League, based in Geneva, Doha & Lebanon.

Amongst his own many inventions are the Fertility Loan and Stem Cells Loan. He shares his expertise through his patented Become an INNOVATOR® Methodology. On top of all of this he is also a talented musician. He’s an opera singer, a tenor, plays the piano, the flute and the drums, there is no end to this man’s talent. My guest is Maher Mezher.

Please welcome Maher Mezher


Maher Mezher Keynote Speaker

Maher Mezher – Guest

Maher Mezher is the Founder of the Innovators League®, a regional consulting and training firm that has been built on his theory that innovation is a science and can therefore be taught. He is an innovation expert and internationally recognised speaker who has delivered speeches in more than 25 countries. As a professional consultant and trainer with more than 20 years of experience, he has served more than 130 clients from a variety of industries including Telecom, Banking, Education, Oil and Gas, Retail and Pharmaceuticals, among many others.

Maria Franzoni Keynote Speaker

Maria Franzoni – Host

Maria Franzoni is one of the most experienced speaker bookers in Europe and a recognised speaking industry expert. She has been a part of the London Speaker Bureau since 2000 & is the founder of MFL, a licensed office of London Speaker Bureau.

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