Each week, our colleague Maria Franzoni invites one of our keynote speakers to discuss their life, work, current projects and passions. We hope that hearing more about them will allow you to get a better understanding of who they are.

In this week’s show Caspar Berry talks about some of the lessons that you can apply from poker to business. How embracing uncertainty can help decision making. He tells us about working with Ant and Dec, getting Robert Webb and David Mitchell together and breaking the rules with Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. And much much more …

Please welcome Caspar Berry


Caspar Berry Keynote Speaker

Caspar Berry – Guest

After studying Economics at Cambridge, Caspar decided to put what he had learnt there into practice in a rather unique way. He moved to Las Vegas and became a professional poker player. He played poker for much of the next three years before finding himself as the poker adviser on the James Bond movie Casino Royale.

Maria Franzoni Keynote Speaker

Maria Franzoni – Host

Maria Franzoni is one of the most experienced speaker bookers in Europe and a recognised speaking industry expert. She has been a part of the London Speaker Bureau since 2000 & is the founder of MFL, a licensed office of London Speaker Bureau.

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