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Boardroom Adviser

David Miliband

President and CEO International Rescue Committee, former UK Foreign Minister

  • Political risk
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • New climate for business

"David Miliband is a global leader with wide-ranging experience as a politician, UK Cabinet Minister, and CEO of a leading, large humanitarian organisation. He is President of the IRC, a New York-based NGO with 25,000 staff in 40 countries suffering from war and disaster, and its consequences, around the world.
Miliband has brought his diplomatic and political leadership experience to grow the NGO in size, influence and impact, winning the inaugural $100m MacArthur 100&Change prize at the end of 2017.

He brings an unusual combination of Transatlantic networks, diplomatic experience and practical leadership to this analysis of the world’s mega-trends, how they pose risks for economics and politics, and the right way to respond to promote stability and security as well as fairness and equity.
With governments in retreat, his thesis about the responsibility of the corporate and social sector to step up, and step up together, is more and more relevant. His emphasis on corporate social results, not just corporate social responsibility, is challenging and inspiring."

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