Yasmin Al Bulushi

Emotional Intelligence

keynote speaker yasmin al bulushi

Dr. Yasmin Al Bulushi has spent her lifetime acquiring practical experience in both academia and training, with the main purpose of further enhancing the development of Omani society. Dr. Al Bulushi is a well-respected figure in Oman and has held many senior positions in education and training. She now spends most of her time inspiring the next generation of leaders to achieve, not only in business but in all areas of their lives. She specialises in developing high-potential employees and preparing them for managerial roles and has led numerous workshops for corporations such as HSBC, National Bank of Oman, Bank Muscat and Bank Dhofar.

Masterclass overview

In business we are dealing with people, and dealing with people simply means ‘dealing with emotions’. Thus, being able to recognise and manage our own emotions and those of others is fundamental to building powerful, meaningful, and long-term relationships in life and business. Emotional intelligence (also known as EQ) is critical to leadership and organisational performance.


For leadership positions, EQ competencies are said to account for up to 85% of what sets outstanding managers apart from the average. This workshop will utilise the powerful, brain-based methodology, proven frameworks and tools to bring EQ concepts to life for yourself and others.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Increase your mastery of emotional intelligence
  • Learn tools that can be applied immediately to fuel positive change at work and at home

What is covered?

Emotionally intelligent people:

  • Can bring emotional insights into their decision-making in an appropriate way
  • Are able to understand what’s driving their own behaviours and perceptions
  • Build more functional and better performing teams
  • Have a skilled level of consequential thinking, are more efficient in conflict solving and managing team dynamics


In this interactive workshop, Dr. Yasmin Al Bulushi will guide your team through key aspects of developing EQ competency:

  • ‘Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, Give Yourself’ model and approach
  • Review the latest research on the brain, emotions, and performance
  • Take the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI®), a well validated, effective suite of tests that measures EQ and provides a framework for putting emotional intelligence into action
  • Get your Brain Brief Profile: how does your brain focus, decide, and drive?

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