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Lead to the future – become the impossible

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A thinker, speaker, and writer to the core, Tommy is a growth specialist. CEOs around the world turn to Tommy for trusted leadership advice on how to become the best they can be and how their organizations can achieve rapid growth. Tommy’s 25 years of experience includes working with companies that have doubled, trebled and quadrupled their revenue in short periods of time and others who became the most pro table amongst their peers.

Masterclass overview

The city of Dubai is the modern-day story of doing what others dream of – becoming so successful, it outpaces all the indices, earning a prominent spot on the world’s stage. Curious to know how Dubai grew against the odds, Dr. Tommy Weir discovered 12 leadership habits that pass the test of time and achieve what others say is impossible.

Based upon Tommy’s latest best-seller, Leadership Dubai Style, this inspiring and energetic masterclass will coach you to form the Habits for Growing Against the Odds. His captivating stories take you behind the scenes and o er practical insights that will challenge you to change the way you lead. Not only will you learn what to do, you will learn how.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Practical insights will challenge you to change the way you lead
  • You will not only learn what to do, you will learn how
  • These 12 leadership habits will help you to grow against the odds. They’re proven to get results!

What is covered?

Based upon the premise that to grow against the odds, then you have to do something differently, Tommy argues you must lead differently. If you do what’s always been done, then you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. During this energetic masterclass, participants will create new habits for:

  • Ambition – See what others don’t
  • Courage – Be brave to choose a ‘what is possible’ strategy and stick with it
  • Execution – Deliver more than promised, ahead of time, 100% of the time

Backed up by a world-class set of ‘business success tools’ Tommy coaches you to form these particular leadership habits to achieve levels of success that your competitors only dream about. Unlike theoretical management programs, these replicable habits are proven to work.

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