Tim Reid

The creative power of funny thinking

keynote speaker tim reid

Tim Reid is probably best known as the co-creator and co-writer of BAFTA winning sitcom Peter Kay’s Car Share. As well as being a successful comedy writer, Tim is a world-class innovation expert, and he's passionate about combining these two skills to help organisations become as creative as comedians. Tim has worked for some of the world’s most creative companies, including global ad agencies, innovation consultancies and the BBC. He's helped clients from beer brands to broadcasters, confectioners to condom makers, to reimagine the future and reinvent their businesses. He is running creative masterclasses for a wide range of international clients.

Masterclass overview

The importance of creative thinking and the ability to generate bigger, better ideas has never been greater. And the teams who will succeed will be those who understand that. As advertising legend David Ogilvy said, ‘The best ideas come as jokes’, and that you need to ‘make your thinking as funny as possible’.


Tim Reid draws on years of experience from leading hundreds of idea sessions for global brands, and working with some of the UK’s favourite comedians to demonstrate how we can all up our creativity by applying the tools and techniques used by top comedy professionals to help tackle any challenge.

Value and expected outcomes

  • A new attitude to creative thinking that will energise and unleash the creative potential of your teams
  • A toolbox of simple, tried-and-tested idea generation tools and techniques
  • An evidence-based rationale for having more fun at work
  • A simple but effective process for having bigger, better ideas and making them more likely to actually happen

What is covered?

During this engaging and interactive half-day or full-day session, Tim will explore:

  • What is creativity and why creative thinking is something we can all become brilliant at?
  • What makes us laugh and what’s that got to do with how we have ideas?
  • How laughter stimulates the bit of our brains that solves problems
  • How to collaborate more constructively and build ideas together
  • The behaviours we can ‘turn up’ to embrace funny thinking
  • A range of tried-and-tested idea generation tools and techniques used by comedians, comedy writers and the most innovative organisations
  • How to capture an idea effectively
  • When to get judgmental

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