Thierry Malleret

The global macro outlook

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Thierry Malleret headed the Global Risk Network at the World Economic Forum. His other professional achievements include: working in investment banking (as a chief economist and strategist at a major Russian investment bank and as an economist at the EBRD in London); think tanks and academia (both in New York and Oxford); and government (with a three-year spell in the prime minister's office in Paris). Thierry is the co-founder and main author of The Monthly Barometer; he has also written several business and academic books including Global Risks – Business Success in Turbulent Times and Disequilibrium: A World Out of Kilter.

Masterclass overview

More than a decade ago, Thierry Malleret founded the Global Risk Network at the World Economic Forum, helping global CEOs and decision-makers to make sense of what’s coming and better prepare for it. Today, through The Monthly Barometer, a predictive analysis, he engages prominent investors and business leaders in forward- thinking, and supports them in making the appropriate investment and strategy decisions.


His approach combines a macro perspective based on a holistic vision of risks, with micro insights derived from the science of high- performance. His workshop boils down to being adequately prepared, from a mental, intellectual and physical perspective. As the French scientist Louis Pasteur used to say: ‘Chance favours the prepared mind!’

Value and expected outcomes

  • Connecting the dots between different macro themes: economics, finance, geopolitics, societal issues, tech, the environment
  • Infusing a sense of ‘what’s coming next’ in the corporate culture
  • Making the management and top leadership aware of disruption and inflection points
  • Providing insights on wellbeing techniques that improve decision- making capabilities

What is covered?

  • The interdependence of macro themes and the pitfalls of silo thinking
  • The ranking of current and future global risks
  • The ability to make complex decisions in an uncertain and volatile environment
  • The leadership attributes critical for dealing with uncertainty and complexity


Thierry Malleret’s input is based on insights generated from the exceptional network of thinkers that underpins The Monthly Barometer. His workshop is framed in such a way as to deliver maximum efficiency.


For those willing to give it a try, the workshop can take place in the mountains while climbing, skiing or walking. Neuroscience shows that these activities act as a ‘cognitive enhancer’.

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