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Voted a thought leader ‘making digital Britain tick’, Shivvy Jervis is an award-winning futurist, writer and presenter uncovering the most explosive tech advances of the next decade. She has been named a top 10 future leader for London and received a Britain’s Asian Women of Achievement Award. Shivvy is currently authoring a book on the game-changing future technologies and inventors of the next decade. For the past five years, she has also produced and fronted web video series Digital Futures, regularly drawing more than 200 thousand viewers per episode and tracking up an 11 million-plus viewership to date.

Masterclass overview

Welcome to your future. A meaningful future in which the fascinating technologies of the fourth industrial revolution will merge seamlessly with core human needs. Artificial yet emotive intelligence, the internet of more than ‘things’, predictive versus big data… How will you make sense – and real use – of it all?


This eye-opening masterclass helps you demystify and uncover the most groundbreaking digital and technological advances that will radically redefine our realities. It will equip you to identify the next generation of innovation, inventions and pioneers that will transform your organisation, and uncover those applications of these technologies most relevant to you.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Develop a unique understanding of the technological applications most transformative for enterprise
  • Be introduced to the most fascinating innovations and inventions relevant to your business through case studies
  • Grasp factual takeaways to apply immediately in your business

What is covered?

  • Uncover those applications of both current and emerging digital technologies that could transform your business
  • Give you insider access into the next wave of advances and inventors that must be on your radar
  • Help you navigate the ‘noise’ by quickly honing in on truly valuable market insights
  • Equip you to ‘think like a futurist’
  • Handpick the most compelling case studies demonstrating how world-leading, agile start-ups and the most progressive multinational companies are leveraging digital technologies to achieve explosive success
  • Challenge stereotypical notions and mindsets about what it takes to deploy a digital transformation strategy – it’s simpler than many might think

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