Roger Flynn

Transformational change

keynote speaker roger flynn

Roger Flynn is an expert in transformational change with unique experience as a CEO leading transformational change in Virgin, British Airways, Prudential and the BBC working with thousands of staff and millions of customers. Roger worked directly with Sir Richard Branson launching new ideas; delivered a major transformation of distribution in the airline industry; he was responsible for the turnaround of a £2 billion UK financial services business; and the creation of £1 billion of shareholder value from the service functions of the BBC.

Masterclass overview

The market is driving incredible changes to products, services and business models and the pace of change is accelerating. The opportunities and challenges for businesses mean we need to react and adapt at speed to survive.


As a leading expert in transformational change, Roger Flynn brings a wealth of practical experience in what it takes to drive change, lead people and deliver outstanding business success.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Understanding of what makes change go well and what doesn’t
  • New approaches to change that will transform your business
  • Different ways of thinking about how to engage and inspire staff to come on the transformational journey
  • Leadership teams that pull together and are energised to tackle change

What is covered?

Roger will share real-life case studies, personal insights and practical tools to:

  • Understand the key components and drivers of a successful transformation
  • Think differently about the demands of leaders and who the real leaders are
  • Challenge the way we think about culture and people
  • Engage your staff and harness their energy for your change
  • Create awareness of the risks and headwinds you will face and how to overcome them


Roger is renowned for his engaging, thought-provoking and humorous style that inspires and motivates teams to drive successful change for any organisation in any sector.

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