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Mark Gallagher has worked in Formula One and international motor sport since 1983, helping teams toward race- and title-winning success at world level. He has worked with champion drivers, advised some of the world’s top brands and become an expert on the inner workings of this fascinating industry. In 1990 Mark became part of the original management at Jordan Grand Prix, described as ‘the most motivated team in F1’. In 2004 Mark joined Jaguar Racing and oversaw its transition to Red Bull Racing. Mark is a founding director of Status Grand Prix Ltd and Managing Director of CMS Motor Sport Ltd, a motor sport management and consulting business.

Masterclass overview

Isn’t motor racing a great metaphor for business? To compete in F1 calls for top performance. The teams – high-end engineering businesses – face a formidable set of challenges in a demanding, high intensity environment where successes and failures cannot be hidden. With his exceptional experience in Formula One, Mark Gallagher is uniquely qualified to steer any business in any industry to achieve the highest level of performance.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Participants are enabled to identify the strengths of those who achieve world-class status and build these strengths in themselves
  • Insights into how teams compete to achieve success, citing the Formula One World Championship as a case study
  • Practical tips on achieving and maintaining strong motivation – often the only di erence between a champion and an ‘also-ran’

What is covered?

  • Leadership – Creating vision, identifying goals, cascading positive motivations throughout your organization, creating an environment for success
  • Teamwork – Drawing on practical examples, Mark describes the key attributes of personal commitment and the role of the individual in establishing a cohesive approach
  • Motivation – Discussing de nitions of success, creating reviews to help your sta build toward the ultimate goal and celebrate achievements along the way. How can you motivate in times of di culty
  • Brand building – How F1 teams develop brand awareness, generate core values and communicate those values to sponsors and a global audience of billions

This masterclass is full of practical examples of creating the right environment for the attainment and maintenance of success.

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