Hidde de Vries

Accelerate: Energise your Team and your Business

keynote speaker hidde de vries

Hidde de Vries is a performance coach and vitality trainer. He is the founder of The Recharge, an international wellbeing company. During his time at Google prior to starting his own company, he developed a wellbeing programme for the Google European leadership team, as well as being involved in several company-wide wellbeing initiatives.

Masterclass overview

The last 15 years have drastically increased our pace of life. Technological advancements, digital transformation and being always on, create a huge opportunity for our business. However, it will continue to increase. Businesswise as well as on a personal level. This means great opportunities for businesses who know how to take advantage of this development. It also requires a holistic approach towards your employees and business strategy. How can you make not only your company thrive, but also your team?


During the masterclass Edith Bosch and Hidde de Vries will share insights and tools in order to directly improve the way you work. An energetic and engaging session which will challenge you to think outside of the box and increase your opportunities in the current playing field.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Get in-depth understanding of how our brain works and how we can set it up for changing environments
  • Build strategies to better work under these changing environments
  • Take an advantage on competition by better utilising your team’s performance
  • Prepare your team for further growth

What is covered?

  • What is going on inside and outside of your business
  • Thinking in opportunities – how to translate your challenges into a head start
  • Learn about our brain capabilities and how to improve
  • Experience tools that help you and your team perform better
  • Build a vital strategy for your business

The programme can be adjusted to personal needs and/or business situations.

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