Hamish Taylor

Put the customer at the center of All Activity

keynote speaker hamish taylor

Hamish Taylor is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in innovation, change, customer focus, brand management, leadership and performance. Originally trained in brand management at Procter & Gamble, he became a management consultant at PWC, Head of Brands at British Airways, CEO of Eurostar, and CEO of Sainsbury’s Bank. Whenever he moved on, he left behind a record of impressive growth achieved by a willingness to challenge industry and organizational norms and put the customer first, above all else.

Masterclass overview

Customer focus is much discussed but rarely applied to great e ect. To do it successfully, your business must change its thinking and its platform of activity, as well as how it engages with customers.

Whatever your leadership challenge – innovation, change management or improving team performance – this masterclass gives you all the right tools for success and demonstrates why putting the customer at the very heart of all activity is the most powerful leadership tool of all.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Step-by-step guidance for achieving breakthroughs for you and your team, putting the customer at the center of everything
  • New approaches to innovation, change and improving your team’s performance
  • New customer insights and a new way of thinking, beyond your existing environment
  • Guidance on how to change the platform of your activity
  • A radically different approach to engaging with customers

What is covered?

Hamish draws on numerous case studies from his many years working as a management consultant with some of the world’s leading blue-chip names. He covers the four key customer focus challenges faced by all businesses, whatever market they are in:

  • Change the way you understand your customers
  • Change the platform for your activity
  • Change your thinking
  • Change the way you engage with customers

Hamish is renowned for an engaging, energetic and humorous style that inspires genuine change in thinking. He receives outstanding testimonials for his deeply practical guidance, relevant to all industries and every kind of challenge.

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