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Music and Team Performance

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Dominic Alldis is a jazz musician and conductor. His fresh and unique take on music as a metaphor for business led to the formation of the training consultancy Music & Management. He now runs innovative corporate events exploring business leadership and teamwork using live music. He is an Honorary Associate of the Royal Academy of Music and a Steinway Artist. Previous clients include leaders and elite teams at WPP, eBay, Google, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Pfizer, the United Nations and Columbia Business School.

Masterclass overview

The world of music is rich with examples of creative individuals collaborating to produce stunning performances. The symphony orchestra, like any large organisation, must recruit and retain talent, motivate individuals to collaborate around a common purpose and elect an inspiring and effective ‘maestro’ to lead. Jazz bands resemble small teams or start-ups, with their focus on creativity, improvisation and disruption of the musical status quo.


Most organisations today need to maintain the ‘classical’ values of strategic alignment and corporate hierarchy, while fostering the ‘jazz’ mindset of innovation and rapid response to change. How might looking through a musical lens break old habits of thought and inspire leaders to find new and inspiring solutions?

Value and expected outcomes

  • Develops leadership potential, bringing out the personal leadership style of every participant
  • Provides fresh ideas on how to lead effectively while fostering an innovation-friendly environment
  • Re-energises individuals and teams around an exciting new vision of how they can work together to produce exceptional results

What is covered?

  • Leadership – learn how the conductor of an orchestra leads and inspires with passion and purpose. Explore the contrasting role of leadership within the ‘disruptive’ environment of jazz
  • Teamwork – use the analogy of music to heighten awareness of the key ingredients of team success: listening, trust and practice
  • Innovation – learn how jazz musicians thrive in a turbulent environment and master the art of soloing, accompanying and jamming within a corporate culture


The masterclass begins by examining how artistic metaphors are transforming organisational learning and development. Each participant is encouraged to think as a creative artist as well as a corporate decision-maker.


In this masterclass different leadership styles are explored using video examples of legendary orchestral conductors. Through a live performance by professional musicians the contrasting world of jazz can be experienced with its emphasis on innovation and teamwork.

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