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Embrace Uncertainty to Deliver Innovation

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Dr. Beau Lotto is a globally renowned neuro-scientist whose studies in human perception have taken him beyond the scientific domain into the fields of business, education and the arts. He is equally at home creating scientific experiments, running his two start-ups, giving talks, delivering workshops designed for corporate leaders or making TV programs (for BBC, the National Geographic Channel and PBS). Beau has given two main-stage TED talks and has spoken at the Google Zeitgeist event, WIRED and at the G8 Summit in 2013.

Masterclass overview

Among the most common fears in management and decision-making are complexity and uncertainty – something that all organizations and leaders try to avoid. But in doing so, they may be losing the very thing that guarantees their long-term survival. Complexity is itself the engine of collaboration that creates insight and inspiration and delivers the innovation much desired by the leaders of today.

Dr. Beau Lotto and Lottolab draw on the latest knowledge in neuroscience, behavioral science and design thinking to o er a new way of looking at human behavior and the process of decision-making. The lab is a pioneer in its understanding of human perception and applies it to create transformational experiences, helping leaders and organizations to embrace uncertainty and use it to their advantage.

Value and expected outcomes

  • Understand how to use uncertainty and complexity to your advantage
  • Master how to manage and adapt to change and address the innovation challenge within your organization
  • Learn how to apply the principles of human creativity to the diverse activities and challenges you encounter
  • You will actually be part of this process of discovery in a lab environment, asking questions and finding answers that will transform the way you think

What is covered?

The interdependent relationships between right leadership and right decisions:

  • Dealing with uncertainty: your brain knows how to solve this challenge
  • The (potential) power of diversity
  • Creativity of groups and the effects of others on individual decision-making
  • The concept of emergence and how to bring great ideas to life
  • How leaders can foster a space of innovation

Beau’s style is entertaining and informative. He explains not just HOW but WHY, which enables you to apply his perceptual framework to your own life. His approach is very interactive and gathers live data throughout his masterclass – an approach that enables you to actively absorb the information being explored.

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