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Ivan Rogers

British Permanent Representative to the EU 2013-17

  • Preparing your business for Brexit
  • Trade agreement negotiations post-Brexit
  • What Europe will look for in future trade negotiations
  • What have we not considered that may affect business

"Sir Ivan Rogers is a former senior British civil servant, who was the Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the European Union from 2013-17. No one is better versed than Rogers in the complexities of Brexit, from both the point of view of the UK as well as the other 27 member states.
Rogers began his Whitehall career at the Treasury. He served as private secretary to Tony Blair during his time as Prime Minister, as well as Blair’s Director of EU Policy and Strategy. Rogers was also secretary to Kenneth Clarke, the former Chancellor, as well as Chief of Staff to the former EU Commissioner Sir Leon Brittan.

As one of the world’s leading authorities on the EU, Rogers is uniquely placed to help organisations cut through the rhetoric that surrounds Brexit. He came to the attention of the public by resigning when Prime Minister May triggered Article 50 because he was frustrated at those “afraid to speak the truth to those in power”. Business leaders need his unique and uncensored insight into what is really happening, what governments around the EU are really thinking and what businesses need to be aware of.

Rogers has built up incomparable contacts in the EU over the past 25 years, and is widely respected as Britain’s most experienced European negotiator. His expertise on government policy and its impact on international trade agreements is unparalleled. Rogers is an ideal sounding board and adviser for business leaders wanting to maintain and grow their UK and European market opportunities."

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