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Boardroom Adviser

Fredrik Reinfeldt

Prime Minister Sweden 2006-14

  • Challenges, opportunity and corporate responsibility in a changing society
  • Innovation culture, encouraging entrepreneurship
  • The “Nordic Way” of business and unlocking growth
  • Digitalisation, urbanisation, demographics and immigration - effects on business

"Fredrik Reinfeldt was the Prime Minister of Sweden from 2006-14. He was also a member of the European Council for 8 years and the former President of the rotating presidency. Elected at the age of 41, he is renowned for his highly effective implementation of transformative economic and labour reforms during his two terms. He is accredited with making Sweden one of the most competitive countries in Europe, creating more than 300,000 jobs in spite of the financial crisis, as well as lowering the country’s national debt, the only EU country to do so during the global economic downturn. Reinfeldt has spent 25 years in Swedish and international politics and is the longest serving conservative prime minister ever as well as Sweden’s most popular and trustworthy party leader since polling started.
Since leaving politics,

Reinfeldt has been active in the corporate world. He is a senior adviser for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, focusing on its business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He is also Chair to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), a coalition of governments, civil society, oil, gas and mining companies and investors, who work together to promote open and accountable management of natural resources. Reinfeldt can show business leaders the way to become more innovative, competitive, open and sustainable. Nordic businesses are distinct, and studies will often point to the “Nordic Way”.

Reinfeldt has more recently focused on geopolitical change, the rebalancing between the US and China, and how that affects Europe, as well as the conditions for trade and business life. Demographic changes, with rapid growth of purchasing power in the global middle class and an ageing population, are changing business and the markets of tomorrow."

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